Tips For Saving On Premiums If You Have Had A Suspended Drivers License

If you have had a suspended drivers license, you will be considered “high risk” by the major auto insurance carriers. This does not mean however that you cannot get auto insurance. What it does translate into however is higher premiums on any auto insurance you will find in most cases. High risk drivers fall into the category of non-standard” insurance. If you are considered to be in the high risk driver pool and you have had your driver’s license suspended, a court and or your local DMV may require you to carry what’s known as an SR-22 in order to have your driving privileges reinstated fully. If you live in New York or North Carolina, the SR-22 is not even an option, as these two states do not carry this bond. An SR-22 is not an insurance policy. Rather, it is an addendum to an insurance policy that is required of some drivers by law. This document proves that you are financially responsible and meet your state’s minimum liability insurance limits, and this document must be carried in your automobile any time you are out driving. An SR22 bond is meant to protect those people who might encounter trouble from a problem driver. This status can last for at least 3 years and may run as long as 7 years. During this period of time you must maintain a high risk auto insurance policy, else you may end up having your drivers license suspended yet again.
car insurance for high risk drivers
While you may be stuck in the high risk pool for now, that does not mean that you cannot get discounted auto insurance, but in many cases the premiums can double over what you were paying. Your coverage will also be much less while in the high risk pool. Plenty of smaller insurance companies are willing to work with high risk drivers and offer you lesser rates than the major carriers, however this coverage will not be full coverage in most cases it will meet just your states minimum coverage allowed by law, without any of the perks traditional insurance carries for those with good driving records. You can get further discounts by maintaining an accident-free driving record, taking defensive driving classes, or by insuring multiple vehicles. Defensive driving courses is the best path to getting the highest reductions on your premium. These one time courses are a quick five hours course that can get you as much as 20% off of your insurance rates and drastically lower your high premiums. If you want to save even more money while in the high risk pool, avoid driving expensive sports cars and SUVs, consider buying an inexpensive yet reliable car to get an even lower rate. If you ensure your home through the same carrier this can also net you a discount by bundling up insurance plans. You also need to stay clear of any more violations, tickets and accidents.

Keep in mind that each state operates differently in regard to insurance and suspended drivers licenses, and you should learn the laws of your state. Having your license suspended for say DWI or DUI is way worse than say suspended for unpaid tickets. The reason for your suspended license will greatly impact you when it comes to insurance. In short it varies state by state, but after a suspended license yes you can get insurance. You will simply need to pay more for your premium, but as pointed out there are ways to lower this cost.