5 Tips For Lowering Your Auto Insurance Rates in 2016

Shopping for auto insurance can be a tricky endeavor at best. You never know how good a policy is and how good your insurance company is until you really need them. Putting them to the test as it were. When we have an accident is when we put our insurance companies to the test. Hopefully we do not have accidents too often, if at all. Are you sure you have the right auto insurance? A policy that fits not only your life style, but also you budget and expectations should disaster strike? Here is some advice on finding the best possible car insurance policy.

The first place you should look to is your network of family and friends.
Specifically you should ask friends or family members who have had an accident or otherwise have had to make a claim on their auto insurance. If you are lucky enough to know one or more people who have had the unfortunate experience of having to have made a claim, ask them how their insurance company handled the claim, did they pay out in a timely manner? Did they cover enough of the damage? Was their delays or unexpected unpleasant things?

Next if you have found a policy you are considering, have you looked online for any complaints about that insurance company? The National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the Center for Insurance Policy and Research are good places to search for complaints about auto insurance companies. You can also search on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for complaints on your insurance company. Remember as well that Google is your friend here, always search Google with the keywords of your insurance company + the words complaint, scam and fraud, you may be surprised at what you find. Take these complaints with a grain of salt however, every company in the world has had a few bad experiences, take into account the sheer amount of complaints. If there are very few complaints, chances are the policies offered are good.

You can also turn to State buyer’s guides for advice. Nearly every state releases guides either in print or online, which go through the in’s and out’s of various insurance companies policies. They detail the purchasing information that you need to know, including property damage, collision and coverage issues. You should also learn what the minimum coverage is in your state, then decide if you want to risk being liable for the remainder or not. If you do not wish to be liable for anything above the minimum, you may want to consider a policy that goes above and beyond your state minimum. For most people, I recommended at least $100,000 in coverage, as most lawsuits seek this amount at minimum.

When you are comparing rates, do not really on just online rates that are quoted to you. certain car features can save you a ton on policies, such as alarm systems or anti-lock breaks. I know in this digital age that calling on the phone sounds stone age, but nothing beats talking to a live human being versus relying on information imparted over the internet. You will also want to consider what ad on policies your insurance company offers, as with insurance it is not always just about finding the lowest price, but also finding the right level of coverage to suit your needs and life style.